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About us

We exist to deliver hidden champions of Israeli culture to you, so you can spend your time getting immersed in the real culture of Israel, and take home memories and gifts that truly reflect the Holy Land.

We realised that the souvenirs currently available to visitors don’t truly reflect the real experience of Israel, and the profits made from tourists go to individuals or even overseas.

Our response: Giving Moments is a curation and delivery service for locally produced, authentic gifts and souvenirs, that bring you closer to the real Israel.

Instead of spending your trip looking through through stores at low quality gifts, sourced from overseas, we bring high quality gifts to you.

By browsing our website you will find high-quality, crafted products that truly reflect the commitment of the Israeli people to our valued visitors.

Discover incredible, one-of-a-kind items that can only come from one of the world’s most vibrant and innovative nations. 

These authentic products help you to discover the real Holy Land and to reward yourself, and those around you, with a lasting memory of your encounters in the land. 

Order through our website and receive a specially crafted gift package direct to your hotel. You don’t need to shop around so you can spend more time discovering the real Israel.